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Building Inspections Sydney

Purchasing a home (new as well as existing) is a massive investment. One should be more alert and smart while investing into a fixed asset. Investment into a dream home can turn into a nightmare if you fail to consider many factors in advance. A cracked wall, a faulty roof or pest attack can raise finger on the safety of the concrete structure. Additionally, it can turn into a costly investment owing to unnoticed and hidden repairs.

That is why Sydney-based ABC Building Inspections comes out to the rescue of people who are going to put their hard earned money in a property of their choice. We provide independent Building inspections and Pest Inspections services so that you can take a sigh of relief when it comes to purchasing an existing or newly-constructed home.

We can show you a clear picture and can give you the knowledge that you need to take a balanced Pre Purchase Decision.

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Every man-made commercial or residential concrete structure consists of walls, floors, ceiling, windows and doors that may have some cracks and faults that not only depreciate the value of the property but also add burden to the pocket of investors. It will be wise for you if you can know about the true condition of the home that you are going to purchase.

That is why our website is there to show a crystal clear picture in the form of a detailed report from a team of experienced, professional building and pest inspectors. We inspect piers, foundation walls, frames, joists, bearers, wooden structures that are damaged by the pest attack, floor moisture and ventilation.

What We Inspect
The Sub Floor were available:Piers and Foundation Walls, Floor Frame, Joists and Bearers, Decay and timber Pest Attack where evident, Subfloor Moisture and Ventilation
Inside the house:Walls, floors, ceiling, Windows, Doors, Bathrooms and Laundry.
Roofing:Roof Void frames, structural integrity, Roof Sheeting and Roof, leaks, Sarking, Insulation
Site:Wall Materials, Drainage, Gutters, down pipes, Fences and Retaining Walls, Driveways, Paths, Garden Shed
Pest Inspection:Termites, Borers, Wood Rot, Previous Treatment., Likelihood of a Termite Attack.
Our Clients Says:
We were very satisfied with the level of service Roger has provided to us on the building and pest inspection. He was very thorough and very patient in explaining to us what he has found in the house. His report definitely helped us in knowing what needs to be carefully considered before purchasing the house. Thank you Roger. We highly recommend your expertise to anyone.
Marilou Gonzales, Mar 21st, 2011 at 1:41 pm